Autobiographical Information

Choosy mom's choose jiff. I'm not a mom, but I sometimes choose jiff. I really enjoy peanut butter. If I could rewrite the food pyramid to include all the foods that I regularly eat, the major food group that would be the basis for such a pyramid, would be peanut butter. My friends don't usually choose the same food groups that I do. We are still supportive of each other in many ways, not related to sustaining our health by essential consumption of foods. There is nothing about me that tells that I am from a tiny town called Richmond Hill, Georgia. Everything in my nature leads people to believe that I am from a big city. I'm comfortable in large crowds and standing on my own two feet. At the moment I still have two feet, but I'm always open to the possibility that for one tragic or heartfelt reason I could be disproportionately balanced on one foot. I have owned a map for longer than my memory extends.

In third grade, I watched too much television and became a young inspired philanthropist. I began a fundraiser to raise money for the children of war torn Kosovo. The other nine year olds in my class were more concerned about who had the latest giga-pet. I was very concerned that if I were to gain an award for my philanthropic endeavors I would not be able to give a proper speech that the former serbs would be able to understand. This lead me to value education which would allow me to travel with ease and understanding in an out of different cultures. The next step in my life from there would obviously lead me to attend the university of Georgia to further my knowledge by learning Swahili and taking advantage of culturally based clubs that were created to ensure that the university does not gobble up a unique cultural trend and replace it with a uniquely american habit. Luckily, I've realized that no matter what culture I travel through I will be able to have peanut butter, as long as I'm not being choosy. Life will go on.