Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Song.

This song used to come on at Starbucks everyday in the midst of all the chaos. Some people working would get annoyed by the repetitive quality of the song. Every. Single. Day. It relaxed my inner most being. At risk of sounding like "that's so portland" or "hippie dippie," the song strikes a chord in my heart. Let me try to explain. To me:

It speaks of transformation. It speaks to transformation. development. constants. progression and regression. beauty from mundane. beauty from the additions to the trudge of life. the monotony that is one day finally broken by the soaring of a spirit. Of a spirit filled with hope. of the changing of seasons.

Each day when it came on. I would nearly tear up at how it could restore my faith in humanity despite the plodding along of the current day.

It's not often that I am so moved by a song... Especially one without language.

It might not be everyone's cup of tea. But I do hope that it effects you the way it does me... it leaves a certain reminder of beauty on my heart. And I think we could all use a reminder of beauty from time to time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Have you heard of food deserts? Or fad diets? Primal/Paleo ? Whole30? At least to a certain extent we have all known that where we live dictates our diets. Being from south Georgia, things like "vegetarian" - "whole30" -  "paleo" - "gluten free" - "Lactose free" and "almond butter"
those words get you some weird looks. Making a proclamation to your southern family that you're vegetarian and gluten free is about as foreign as authentic Lebanese Food. Not just that - eating in that way is also expensive, inconvenient, and sometimes nearly impossible. 

Yet another one of my favorite things about being a newly minted Oregonian is the easy access to whatever kind of food it is that you want to put in your body. Grocery stores aren't places full of magical sunshine and barefooted people only buying tofu and vegetables. It's similar to your Kroger and to your Walmart but with easy access to better food options. AND not at an astronomical price it's not as hard to shift your health choices. 

I love my bulk shopping options. Scooped Chia Seeds. Almonds. Lentils. Rice. Dried Blueberries. and freshly ground Almond Butter with zero added sugar. 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Type B loves Type A

Type B personalities of the world unite. And here's why: 

I am a goal setter. We get a bad rep for not being achievers. And not approaching things with plans. And not following through. etc. I am type B through and through. But I make goals. I may not have the first clue how to make a plan to achieve that goal - I will admit to that- but I believe in growth. You can't keep growing and achieving if you're not looking towards something. Sometimes I make a goal and then decide against it. Sometimes I plan to run a marathon in October and most runs I think, pardon my french momma, What in the hell did you sign up for Amelia? Either way. I make goals. 

I hate to be late.  Am I ever late? absolutely. But if I have given a definitive answer of a time and place that I will be. Bet your bottom dollar I'll psych myself out and try to be 30 minutes early because I know that otherwise I'll get side tracked and be late. 

I love clean rooms. If you haven't noticed by now, this article is more about the woes of being a type b personality but resisting. I love having a clean room. That's not junky and is all conveniently and thoughtfully organized. If you've ever seen me accomplish any task, this is impossible without dedicated cleaning time. I'm not you're gal that remembers to put away things after using them. Things don't have homes. 

So to all my type A's out there.... I love you. And if you've ever thought I was kidding when I've told you I really appreciate your ability to help me organize things. Clean things. schedule things. and make a plan for achieving things. I wasn't lying. This dreamer needs an army of you in my life. And I appreciate each and every one of you. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Going to the theater by yourself is one of my favorite things, especially in Portland. First, let me explain that Portland does neighborhoods. This southern gal's mind flips to the track neighborhoods with a name and a sign and maybe a little pool or tennis courts. You turn off of a main road into a neighborhood. Suburbia style. Since moving to Portland, I've not seen a single area that matches that description. Portland's neighborhoods are a cluster of houses, condos, apartments, etc. with a main strip that has your grocery stores, theaters, restaurants, pharmacy, bodega, etc.

So, quite a few of the neighborhoods in Portland have their theaters. We're not talking AMC or REGAL or IMAX something or other. This is like Laurelhurst Theater, Hollywood Theater, The Bagdad Theater, etc. They are local and magical. In Portland theaters, they sell a variety of Beer, Wine, Cider. Also, Kombucha and appropriately sized cokes. Local Pizza & Tots. It's the kind of place where it's easy to daydream yourself right into the 40's. With Marquees and classic "theater" signs. The best part is - It's so Cheap. 

This weekend I went to see Selma. I thought I would give a salute to the southland. I realized while watching the movie that it had been a while since I heard the phrase "Cotton Pickin'." I also realized that this part of the country was not quite as educated on the specifics of the civil rights moment as I had been. I overheard comments in the theater from local Oregonian's that had difficult understanding what certain characters were saying. I smiled to myself. #flyinsolo 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

how-to's & how do ya do's

Lately, I've been meeting a lot of people. (okay, so just a few and mainly males.) I think in the olden days they would just call it dating... but since its 2015 and the single mid twenties life gets real weird we'll say meeting people. There's something great about constantly putting yourself in situations to have to answer questions to strangers. If you're doing it right, or honest, you're in a great position to learn a lot about yourself in the process.

People ask you questions like:

What do you like to do for fun?
Where do you work?
What brought you to Portland? 

For me, these questions bring what seems to be a promising conversation to a halt. I like to read and hike. I'm a barista. The kiss of death, I don't really know what brought me to Portland. I'm a really great date. To combat this common problem, I've become quite the interviewer. I try to think of questions that force someone to make a choice when they answer the question. How do you choose to live? What are some of your goals? it's easy to weed out the ones that haven't really given it much thought. 

Sometimes I wish I had a how-to guide for actually achieving those goals. Or "how-to live the life you desire."  It sure would make this mid-twenties life a little simpler.

Friday, November 7, 2014


I moved to Portland. I've always said travel presents the opportunity for something new. New things stretch and inspire my mind which usually results in w-r-i-t-i-n-g. On scraps of papers, in journals, in books, in notes on my phone, on anything I can find when the moment arrives. Lucky for you, I believe that might include some blog updates. This tattered dusty notebook in cyber space is a special thing. So. Right. I moved to Portland. Let me tell you a few things about this move.

1. I'm planning a trip to Seattle this weekend and I have done more research for that than I did for moving to Portland. This may alarm some of you, especially you Parental types. I did not even read a single lonely planet article within 6 months of moving to Portland. Can you believe that? Who on earth let me do that?  To anyone thinking of moving somewhere as a friend that typically throws caution to the wind and airs on the side of Wreckless. I'm going to suggest maybe just browsing through some travel stuff on the place you're gonna call home.

2. Let's talk the "Go Green" movement for a moment. Portland is a place where the person in your life that has every social movement bumper sticker fits right in. For the first time, I had to buy compostable trash bags because we as a city compost. They call portland the young adult's place to retire. I'm more impressed with the crunchy life. I could go super crunchy and have plenty of people. But just about everyone here has like a little crunchy topping.

3. I'm apparently very proud of being Southern. Who knew? I get to meet a lot of people from different places and I just can't wait to talk about the south. Especially if someone I meet has some sort of connection to the south. I admittedly use my southern accent to sound nicer and diffuse difficult customer service things at work. And bless 'em they're just defenseless to the charm ya'll. If anyone wants to ship me grits. I'm hoarding my last serving.

4. I don't really know why I picked Portland. Maybe because people have always told me I would love it. Maybe because I'm fond of Portland, Maine so I figured Oregon would be just as cool. For whatever reason, I had to. It wasn't brave to move where I didn't know anyone or where I was going to live or know anything about - It was brave because it was a dream that I chased.  The day I left my Dad said to Follow my heart and that he trusts me.

Chase your Dreams Kids. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rambling Mantra of an Idealist

The pages that follow are the uninhibited thoughts that flow from a life that is inspired by the world around me, Amelia Morgan. It is the feelings that emerge from the heart fulfilled. The satisfaction that can only come from the exhilaration of adventure. Adventure is a daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm. The adventurer never lacks inspiration, she soaks in the beauty of life. Every ounce, she lives and breathes from the world around. Wanting for the world to live free of it's perversion- of environment, love, of consumerism. She lives as a maverick in the face of an indifferent world. She still believes that one person can change the world. It's a moment of beauty when the inebriation allows for the free flow of thoughts, allowing for the boundaries of judgement and expectations to fall and the subconscious state of mind is able to run rampant. These are the pages for inspired life to be recorded. Angry life. Good life. Smile like you mean it. Live like you love it. Life. Freedom at it's best. Beauty at it's best. Life.