Amelia FAQ

How do you choose to live your life? We're beautiful humans. The way this whole planet we live on works is beautiful. Despite the flair of cyncism that runs through my thoughts like a strip of graying hair, I believe in the beauty of life. The tiny humans that cry and poop but seem instinctively sense when to smile and cry. The 100 year old man that comes to my store to share a coffee with his wife everyday that hums songs that are 4 generations old.  The beauty of an evening with friends that is brought together at the last second. The beauty of an ill gentleman sharing his life's stories with me each day at work. There's a connection between people who appreciate these small moments.

What are some of your goals? To live an inspired life. To see the sun rise and set in each place I'm lucky enough to see. To always chase dreams. To truly love another person. 

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