Friday, February 12, 2010

Oopsie Daisy.

I'm dizzy. I woke up dizzy this morning. It's really disorienting to wake up dizzy. I think it may be cause i've not been drinking very much water recently. Ooopsie Daisy. Call me crazy oopsie daisy.. it's a song. i'm not just caught up on this phrase.
I wish I could read and walk at the same time. It never works out well. I've tried. I think i'm just too bumpy of a walker to do that. Cause I can't focus on the words on the page. drats.
i just realized that people think i'm jamming out to something cause i'm boppin my head and I have ear phones in.... what they don't know is i'm not listening to anything. I guess I put them in my ear out of habit.

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