Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Divided Screw

There's a piece of art on east campus. It is a screw being divided. I've walked by it for two years now.. on the familiar walk past snelling, behind forestry, past the education building, and on the way to the railroad tracks that are at the entrance of east campus I pass this screw. I've never really liked this screw. It seemed like it was probably made by some artist somewhere trying to make a statement solely for the fact of making a statement and I didn't like that. This morning I passed it on the way to class... and stared in awe. I like the screw being divided. I'm sad for the screw though. (i obviously know that the screw has no feelings.. but I guess I was sad for myself)
United I can stand. Divided I will fall.
I've not changed myself or not been true to who I was. But I've divided myself. Remaining divided, I will fall. I'm not a flamingo. I cannot stand on one leg.
I guess this may seem cryptic to you. To me, I feel like I make sense. I understand myself.

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