Friday, April 30, 2010

Boast, Toast, Coast.

Boasting in the Lord. I've never understood this scripture... My soul will boast in the Lord.
A) I think boast is just a funny weird word. It's ranked up there with bellybutton for me. I just get a kick out of this word. Whatever. It rhymes with Toast. = funny.

B) Boast in the Lord. I finally today had it with not understanding. I wanted to understand what it meant. I mean... to have the most general description ever of how I came to this " i wanted to understand so i learned."... specific huh? i apologize for the vagueness.
Here's what I learned ... Thanks to my trusty Dashboard Dictionary I know that boast means: to talk with excessive pride. I completely boasted in the Lord today. and yesterday. Topic of boastfulness in the Lord. The way he has placed my group of friends together. We do not even go together like peanut butter and jelly. It does not seem like we should work together. Yet we do. I have friends, people in my close friends, that I would not have been friends with now if they hadn't said yes to coming to dinner one sunday night. Can you believe that? I guess I'm completely in awe of how when I feel like I've been lacking goodness in my relationships with people ... he's reminded me of my satisfaction. That He has given me a friend for individual purposes. I dunno... I was completely like look at what God did last year. Just check him out in his snazzy ordination... (did i make that word up?)...
I just remembered I was an adamant blog = pictures with words person. I've been lacking the photos recently. I will get right on that for the next week.

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