Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a farrago of thoughts.

INTL 3200 = hours & Hours & HOURS of reading... everyday.
I have this problem when I am reading.... it's really bad. My eyes are scanning the page... and reading the words... except what I'm reading is not at all what's going on in my head. I can be reading about the Constructivist theory in International Relations, but am actually thinking about what I think the rest of my day will be like. Who will I see later tonight at the going away party? or Should I feel bad for not waving to someone I know that I saw today? What kind of food will they have? How will our team bond at our next fundraiser? What is India AWAKE going to be like? Will I go to that? will I be able to skip class and go to Marietta on Thursday night? On top of all that my computer's battery won't last long enough if i listen to music... So instead I have my headphones but no music is playing. It makes me focus more on the "sound of the trees in the wind." (That phrase always reminds me of this movie called Nell... and the main character just starts saying I'm "a tay n da win" meaning "tree in the wind"...

I might blog a lot tonight. Midterm = Tomorrow. Lots of reading. which I only do effectively in twenty minute increments otherwise I start thinking about other stuff while pretending to read.

I wanted to REblog a picture from another blog that a friend directed me to: