Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Study Day

I dub today... Study Day.... if there is one day that I need to coop myself up in my bedroom it is today. Final Exam tomorrow... then DONE. praise the lord.
Last night my roommate who has about as diverse a music collection as anyone that I know... went through her music (of course because she has a ochem test today)... to tell me all the artists that we know that are from Scotland...
I'm convinced that this town I'm going to is an artsy town. Just speculation of course... but Gerard Butler... actor. and Paolo Nutini... is from Paisley. PAOLO NUTINI. from Paisley Scotland. Have you heard his music? He's got a funky sound. I like it a lot. Okay... readers. you people that do not even comment so that I know you are reading.... I have a for real question. I like music. good music. I love the Lord. I like music that is awesome musically but then also has that Draw you closer to the Lord aspect too.... It's hard to find for me. Suggestions?
okay... STUDY DAY.
here we go.

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