Sunday, July 11, 2010

I've been told my essays are illogical.. they're just unconventionally logical. i like to maintain my uniqueness.

patience is key... roll with me.....

so... some of you may know that I've started watching a tiny bit of TV these days... just a tiny bit. The culprit that has gotten me to succumb to the tube.... Say Yes To The Dress.... it's a very girly show. About women going to an incredibly expensive wedding dress store... and trying on a million of them.
I couldn't tell you the specific context of when my brain hopped on this train but it goes like this. Someone said something along the lines of Say Yes to Him. He wants to spend time with you. He has something for you if you spend the time with Him... you just have to say yes to him... my first inclination to those three words - "Say yes to..." - is naturally "the dress."
Saying yes to Him is saying yes to the dress.'s not necessarily what the show is about. But it's truth. Saying yes to Him is becoming His reward. A member of His bride. pure and spotless. it's yes to an ultimate identity. I wish I could communicate the beauty of this thought to me. The way that what I feel like is a potential waste of time. I will always think of saying yes to the dress as a commitment to the Bridegroom. bah.
so good.

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