Friday, July 16, 2010

Scotland 101.

There's a 5 hour difference between where you are sitting... and where I am sitting. In a quaint boyscout camp... at 9pm.. Scottish time. which would be ... 2am Georgia time. of the next next day. Not sure if you followed.
Things that I have learned... one must smile (but not too much) to the grumpy border patrol people.
Scottish accents are not something that I will ever tire of.
Asda is unimpressive.
I enjoy wandering around strange cities.
some people are entirely too friendly with each other on airplanes... yikes.
I DO NOT like IRNBARRBRU... ew. it's like cough syrup mixed with orange drank.
Scotland is beautiful.
Scottish bathrooms are far more spacious than the American ones.
Paisley is lovely, Elliot - a scotsman- told me paolo is not in paisley anymore.
Justin Boggs is very thorough in trying to take a picture.
&& well...I love the team.
off to Edinburgh tomorrow.
& preparing for the kiddos to come.
2010 Praise the Lord!

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Chelsea Fenn said...

Beautiful. Pleasant really. It sounds wonderful my friend :)