Sunday, August 29, 2010


Who's playing a late night game of Ketchup? That's right. Yours Truly. It's an enthralling game really... it involves many "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" selections on the A+
A good blanket... but not too comfortable... the goal is not to fall asleep. The goal is to stay awake as long as necessary to Catch Up to the place where I should be in my reading... So ketchup you see is a "stay committed to the game" sort of game.

I discovered today that if I am ever given a captive audience to talk about Scotland with for hours and hours... I will gladly give them a tour of everywhere that we went... made possible by google maps street view and my sickening ability to remember street names.

I'm anticipating a great night here. I've got my highlighter in hand .. well Maggie's highlighter in hand... armed and ready to tackle as many theoretical papers that have been thrown at me.

I apologize from the lack of blog time. As you might be aware, or maybe not, you might not know me, I'm quite busy this semester. I've got a little this and that going on about every minute of every day. Who forgot to tell me 3rd yr is a beast? thanks. I appreciate your amnesia on the subject. At least the element of surprise has kept me from wanting to quit all together.

I'm heading to the library FIRST THING tomorrow, butt crack of life. hopefully I'll be able to figure out, without too much stupidity and embarrassment, how to check out a book. Cross your fingers, it'll be a monumental day.

HAVE I TOLD YOU I AM LEARNING TO PLAY THE PIANO? i still haven't started my second song. but the first is:
simple. but cool enough :)

alright, back to ketchup. this hand is called : An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy.
woohoo. (i love my major. i love school. i love my major. i love my school. i love school. i love my major. it's interesting. it's interesting. i love my major) .. yes. i pep talk myself.

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