Friday, October 29, 2010

sassy trousers.

it's officially... SASSY Trouser (sometimes i still alter my speech so as to not get laughed at by my scottish friends)... it's sassy trouser season. aka my favorite trouser season.
the story of my sassy trousers:
I went shopping (complaints included) with the lovely Kayla Burruss. We went to delias where there were a pair of burgundy trousers for 9 dollars. NINE DOLLARS. maybe even seven... the details are shady. I mentioned I liked them (probably the first and only positivity the whole day) so i'm pretty sure kayla JUMPED on the opportunity to shove me into the dressing room (reluctantly of course) i obeyed. I then tried on the trousers and convinced myself they looked weird. Kayla then convinced me otherwise which lead to the purchase of.... SASSY TROUSERS.
I then wore them a ton last year and everytime i wore them I just had a pep in my step, comfort beyond compare, and that sliver of special personality (also known as the unfiltered thoughts) that comes to the surface sometimes (more often than some would like).
Since last fall these sassy trousers are now cultured. they've left the homeland and made it back again. High five sassy trousers.

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