Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kafka's novel comes to life...

I have finally arrived to m town. you can hip hip hooray everyday. It's been wonderful. Last night I got to have the first of many lovely reunions with the beloved kvg. That's a friendship i'm not sure I could even explain to you. It's blessed. That's for sure. We went to our spot. (which i happen to share with many other people as our spot.. but everytime we've hung out in this town it's always at the square. ) The night was wonderful... a cup of joe (shot in the dark), good convo, summer bucket lists, free end of the night croissants, all the trappings of a perfect evening. Perfect... until we were visited by our not so favorite friends in the world. The horrifying realization that the shadow underneath each step was not actually shadows and was really cockroaches. hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cockroaches essentially surrounding us. We each had flashbacks to the villan in men in black. I felt like i was about to be the star in a kafka novel. blahhhhhh. it's not over yet.... As we hopped up and jumped around avoiding the gag reflex we noticed the free croissant we had set behind us and forgot about..........
it had now become the free croissant given to the creepy crawlers...probably enjoyed by him and his 100s of closest friends.
ew. ew. ew. I might not ever walk in that part of the square again... or i will at least have a flashback if i do.
well, time flies. I have a list developing of topics to blog about... aka lots of uncompleted thoughts that i'd like to sit down to complete. Stay Tuned friends. stay tuned.

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