Saturday, June 11, 2011

me too!

What a day it has been. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I love weddings. love. weddings. I love to see a bride ready and even getting ready. The getting ready is such a significant part of a wedding. Especially The Wedding. The Church being made ready for the wedding day, the day His heart rejoiced. My heart is founded in that.
Today i have been overwhelmed with just wanting to sit with the Lord. All day I just wanted to sit with Him. (Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the wonderful company! wordd. ) But I crave that time. The more time I have with Him the more time I desire. The more time I desire and the more time I have I become increasingly aware of the reality that currently Jesus is absent. Recently I am marveled at Ezekial. Homeboy knew the glory of the Lord and when he recognized it he fell on his face. He also knew the Word. He let the words of the Lord consume him.

me too? I wanna know that life. I wanna live that life.

well it's that time of day again. I'd like to announce to the world. I have successfully completed week 1 of a sleep schedule. At least the going to sleep part. The waking up section of the sleep schedule is still a bit shaky but we'll work on it.

Time to go celebrate my midnight birthday.

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