Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sneak Peak of Riverstone Summer Camp 2011!

wow, I can tell you this past week has been one of the most humbling weeks of my life. For real. I got to see all that God was doing in the lives of my campers.... and even better... He let me be a part of it.
The week started with me realizing one thing... my age. I know I know, some of my readers are much older than me but this was my first time being involved with youth ministry where I started to feel old. Those wooden bleachers? OUCH. yelling and running around non stop... exhausting. Well that and I'm fast approaching that league of people that say things like "when I was in college..." yikes.
Can you believe that?

here's just a few teasers from camp. MEXICAN FIRE ANTS! Uno! Dos! Tres! FUEEEEEEGOOOOO.
ha. We had a blast being team leaders. Energy for those games came out of nowhere, not to mention a voice? I lost my voice after day 1.

Here it is, the reason I was there. This cabin. These girls. Shout out to all my 12th grade girls. I love them. They're so bold. So in Love with God. So just... AWESOME. I've been blessed to get to know them this week. Honored that I've been able to play a tiny part in their lives and so unbelievably proud of them. We went from Zero to Freedom, Just like that!
My heart swells for them. I am looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday!

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