Sunday, August 28, 2011


When your eyes are able to see what you've been hoping for, it's a "come alive" moment. It's a moment when your heart beats faster. The moment when it's burning and filled with fulfillment. It's so much more than a feeling, although it can be quite an overwhelming one, it's a firm understanding, knowledge, and awareness of your heart and spirit. I go through times when I see these moments in abundance. And times where my heart is hoping just for one of those moments of fullness. Right now I can tell you I'm in the first, abundant moments in life where all of my being comes alive in one moment.
My only response is weeping.

I don't say that to be dramatic. Really. Just tears flowing. From goodness. From overwhelming. From the depths of what I hope for being fulfilled. so good.

This weekend I had a lot of these moments... especially when I was able to just sit in the beauty of the moment. Take it in.

Being able to talk to a group of girls at the age that I was when I encountered the Lord in a deeper way. Was powerful.
To look around and realize that there's a group of people all around that are always there to support me.
To stand with my McFamily for the dedication of Jude Robert's life for the Lord.
to see older generations supporting the younger and the younger learning from the older. and encouraging. and sharing. with the older. wow. so good.
it just was all .. full. come alive. yep.

queue tears.

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