Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Lord, Amen.

Lately I've found myself saying the same thing to people around me. It rings true with far more people than you'd think. I'm convinced it's something that people need to hear. I've probably written about it before... 

(in the same but wholly opposite way that people remember things better when they write them down I remember them better UNTIL I write them down. Once I write something - blog, sticky note, important date- it's forever erased from my thoughts.  Thus, I can never remember what I write on my blog. Sorry Friends. ) 

... Dear Lord, Amen.  

That is a for real prayer.  It's the yes when you don't have words to say. It's the yes when you don't feel like it. More than that. It's agreement with what the Lord is doing, which is how we're to pray anyway. You see what I'm saying. It's perseverance when you're tired of trying. It's the renewing of your mind, to be transformed. It's speaking truth when you're exhausted with faking.

 We don't have to have the words. 
When you desire the Lord
 but don't know how 
to get out of that funk

 and it's so frustrating because you really do want to, yet somehow you don't. 

Dear Lord, Amen. 
is acceptable. 
Because the Lord works through it. 
He honors your yes 
and will grow that yes.

 From that place of just continually saying yes, He cultivates intimacy. Saying yes when you don't know how or for what or anything, that's like saying yes in faith. Agreeing with the Lord when you don't even know what it is. yeah. Because you know that on the other side of the frustrating time, you'll know him more. Period the end. Because that's who He is. He always wants you to know him more. 

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