Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let It Rain..

Love is a beautiful thing. It's a common theme in my life,  that I think only Kristin really knows the fullness of that statement. If there is one truth that I know in the Lord it is that He loves.. unrelentingly. So naturally when Bob says, "Tonight is about God's love. we want everyone to know his love for them. " my response is.. "yes! Lord! This is good! "
Right? simple. 
That was Bob's plan for the night. Well then the Holy Spirit fell. & Bob said "well, don't sit down.. cause i don't know what we're doing next yet...[oh how i love a worship service completely surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit] .. but we're going to pray in groups of three and four for the love of God to be poured out over Athens." 
And then God's people prayed. My heart rejoiced looking around the room and seeing hundreds of students praying together... I knew the Lord's did too. 
M, it was good. Fires are lit all around campus. Bob had a vision earlier this year of campfires lighting up all over campus. They are being lit. I can speak from the prospective of a freshman... freshmen are being romanced by the King all over the place! 
He is teaching and quickly bringing his Children into a place of spiritual maturity. m, so good. so good. 

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