Sunday, May 24, 2009

Diving In!

For some reason blogging doesn't come natural to me. I start writing blogs and just never finish them. I've challenged myself this summer to keep a blog. This summer is going to be intense, thought-provoking, and basically AWESOME! I'm doing Burning Ones Internship at Riverstone. 

It started last week... So let me catch you up. 
4 boys + 4 girls = 8 interns. 
These people are amazing! Nothing's going to hold them back from what the Lord has stirred in their hearts. I'm excited for the ways we will grow individually and in unity as a group.  

I'm living with the McLendon's this summer. They are fantastic roommates. Maddie (their puppy dog) loves me. She follows me around and stuff. I've never had a dog... so I love it. 
I'm diving in this summer. It's kind of scary but LET'S GO! 

My goal is to make this a habit. Blog at around 11pm every night. 
oh by the way, for those of you that know me all too well, I'm being a scheduled person this summer too. Yep, a calendar and to-do lists and EVERYTHING! 

That's a good word to talk about. My first week I learned about being intentional with my time.  We had a meeting with Tom Tanner, he expressed what his definition of intentional is.. essentially intentionally giving the Lord the best part of your day is essential.. planning everything else around that. 

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