Thursday, June 4, 2009

My World.. Where ladybugs turn to red fuzz.

I was wondering what I was going to blog about today... I haven't really done a whole lot of anything. I read a lot today... not that any of it or any of the things I learned were insignificant.. just not something I really wanted to blog about. I took a shower today and I got really excited because I thought there was a lady bug on my towel. Then when I got close enough to actually see things a little more clearly, I realized it was just a red fuzzy. I had gotten so excited, I was coming up with all sorts of adventurous stories that the ladybug would have had to get to the place in the apartment where it had taken up residence on MY towel. I was excited. I love little bugs and stuff. Not cockroaches or termites or maggots or spiders when they are on me... anyway.. then it turns out it was just a red fuzzy and my vision was blurred because I didn't have my glasses on. Sometimes in life something can be really exciting and seem awesome.. and open your mind to all sorts of adventurous stories... but in reality if you look through the right filters. You can see how not awesome it is. I'm not the girliest of girls.. but its time for a girl moment. As some of you close confidents know.. I've learned A LOT about relationships this year.. the best part was I learned it all without having had one. Single life allows me to learn so much more about what I desire.. and allows the Lord to show me divine romance that no one can top. Back to my fuzzy analogy or metaphor I think is the better word. A guy can seem awesome. but when looking through God's eyes and seeing what He desires for me.. its like- realizing a ladybug is a red fuzzy. 

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Chelsea said...

: ) That made me very happy. What a challenge and learning experience it has been.