Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Camping Trip

This past weekend was the Jr/Sr Camping Trip. It was kind of my first chance to spend an extended time period with some of the youth! It was a blast! Lots of good memories! Like that time Kathy had her head out the window and her sunglasses went flying off and she said, "MAN I PAID 5 DOLLARS FOR THOSE!" and everyone thought she was talking about her ice cream cone. We drove by Linda's on the way back and we saw them on the side of the road but we couldn't stop. ha ha. Sorry Kathy! 
Another very good memory: One of my fellow interns, John, had an encounter with a snake. We were in helen going dow
n the river in some tubes and one part pushes you clo
ser to this tree.. and Cory, youth director, was standing on the other side screamin... WATCH OUT FOR THE TREE... john turns to look at the tree and see's this HUGE snake and rolls out of his tube, in full clothes, and runs down the river!! Once I get pass it I look down at john with
 a terrified look still on his face.. and scream.. JOHN! it was FAKE!! ha ha ha . I wish I had pictures from that!
In case you haven't figured it out yet... the address to my blog wasn't a hint for you. One of my all time favorite things to do... is watch the sunrise. It got really cold at night while we were camping.. making it very very hard to sleep! So I would doze t
hen wake up and look at the sky. I got to see it transform from stars, to just before dawn when you can start to see things but the stars are still twinkling, to when the sky is filled with colors.  We weren't in a good place to see the sun on the horizon but I still enjoyed the changing colors... drinking tea and sitting around the fire with the only other people awake in the campsite- Cory & Kurt. 

After waiting for 2 hours we finally got to start making some pancakes. Cory always look phenomenal in pictures. He's really photogenic.Our campsite in the morning. 

We started to make pancakes on the fire! Kathy enjoyed them! There are lots more pictures from the camping trip.. but i'm not a pro at putting them on here.. they keep deleting themselves! 

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