Saturday, August 8, 2009

4 Days till Athens.

There were a few things I considered bloggging about today.
My mom is painting our front door red. Did you know there's a significance to having a red front door... in china it's a symbol of good luck for the new year. in ireland it's to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. In Catholicism, a red door represents that the blood of Christ has been smeared on it and that the area beyond the door is holy and sacred. On the underground railroad homes with red doors were "safe houses." And supposedly Albert Einstein painted his door red cause he couldn't find his house. My mom's reasoning? we went into walmart to get groceries and came out with a few necessities, school supplies, and duh red paint to paint the door.
I also learned that for girls the tradition is they made a hope chest for when they got married. little known fact... boys had to build a door.

I received an email from a girl that I LOVE today. She's incredible. I'm so thankful for this blossoming friendship. Then I got to rise to the challenge of responding to her email. I assure you it's no easy task. :)

We had a family dinner tonight. We went out to the new mexican restaurant in richmond hill. I ordered a california burrito.
A) it was huge.
B) it had like 10 lbs of steak in it.
C) I don't like beef very much.
After dinner we did my favorite thing. We went to my Aunt's house on the river. They have this awesome back porch that is perfect for watching the sunset. The fam just sits around and shoots the breeze for a little while. I almost always take a walk by myself down to the dock to just be in awe of the sight!

^ Tonight's sunset on the Ogeechee River.
As you know, I'm packing up for school once again. This year i'm trying not to bring so much excessive stuff. Last year it was like I just kept shifting stuff from under the bed, to the closet, to under the desk. ANNOYING. I'm still bringing coffee mugs. Those are necessities. duh.

(yes, this is the pile of junk i had to go through. i'm happy to report that it is gone... and has become the pile of junk in the living room :)

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kurt said...

A Burrito from California doesn't really sound Mexican; it sounds a little more Californian, but if that is how you role in Richmond Hill i guess thats ok... :-)