Sunday, August 9, 2009

That's My Bingo!

So I used this phrase "That's my Bingo" the other day. I'm not really sure where it came from or how it wiggled its way into my vocab. But I like it!

[BREAKING NEWS]some of you might not care about this... others will be ECSTATIC.. if you read. If this effects you, you'll know what i'm talking about. On my mac... the little postage stamp mail thing... and when you get a new one it shows a little red thing. Mine has said 43 for about 500 years now.... It is gone. I know. I know. I'm a little freaked out myself. Don't worry though... my facebook messages still says 21 :)

Confession time. If you know me at all.. you know i'm not a shoes girl. I'm not a clothes girl. I'm not a pocketbook girl. Meaning... I could use the same one my entire life I don't need five thousand of them. The thing I do love though... besides a good trip to REI... i love journals & notecards & stationary. It's sort of a problem... I have to have a designated order to use them because I have so many. Right now in the front of my journal I started this summer it says "6-12-07, happy 17th. love, mom." My next one says "6-12-08, excited for this new season! love, kristin."(i'm excited for starting that one soon!!) yes, i have that many journals that I'm backlogged. I also have some that I bought myself... but my mental journal rule #1 is I have to use the Journals that were given to me first... so the way I satiate my love for buying journals is.... I like to buy them for other people- as much as buying one for myself. Most of you have probably received a journal from me before... if you haven't, stick around long enough. Your day will come. Yes, I even give boys journals.

Earlier I was frustrated beyond belief. The source of my frustration? I've not had a good Jesus conversation in a week. Have you ever heard the term "holy roller" or "religious".. these frustrate me. When I say something about Jesus.. or if someone hears me pray.. or if someone sees I have my bible in my purse.. or if someone hears my music.. or if someone asks me to say the blessing before eating dinner.... i'm stamped as being the religious one in the fam. or the holy roller. This FRUSTRATES ME. I hate the connotations that come with those phrases. I'm not hopping on this soapbox right now, I'm getting off now.

As I was craving a convo about what God's been doing in people's lives, I decided I needed to do some soaking. Do some hide under a blanket time. I put my library on shuffle and the first song that is played is "Hosea" by Luke Wood. There's a part of that song that says "Back to the Wilderness, where it all began. Back to the place where we first met." So there I sat, lookin crazy as anything sittin in the middle of my floor with a blanket over my head. I was comforted remembering how this place isn't as strange and unfamiliar as I keep thinking it is. This is actually where I like to be. This was my classroom. This is my prayer room. This is my resting place. This is my cleft in the rock. The wilderness- the place where it's Him and Me and no one else can intrude. The place where I draw my strength from. The place where I grow in dependency.

[Not all who wander are lost.]

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