Friday, August 28, 2009

I eat an orange everyday.

I try to blog daily. Sometimes I just run out of hours in the day to get around to it... other times I just can't decide what I want to write. My friend taylor caught me in one of these momentary blocks, I think his goal of conversation was to find the latest inspiration for "Freedom For The Thought".. thanks for the try taylor :)
I think that afternoon I was going to blog about my room... i know. I know. I still haven't posted pictures of my room... you see that's cause to take pictures.. you have to clean your room. And let's face it, Cleaning my room is not that high on my priorities list. If you think I'll maybe one day think about putting things away when I'm done using them... you're wrong. That's why it's possible to have to check the closet for a missing coffee mug. anyway rabbit trails I follow.

I considered making this a vlog. dangerous. I found this new thing I like to do... it's called... HIDING.[maybe not such a new thing but for real] Our dorm isn't THAT big. but if you're good. you can arrange a little hiding place (i'm not telling you where... duh). While I was there..I don't really know how I asked myself this question.. but I concluded it's a baller question: who are you letting pursue your heart?
chyeah. ponder it. [by the way my room smells like crayons. Thank you crayola crayon pyramid with sharpner you're the bomb] so who's pursuing your heart? i think i'll leave it at that.. let you take it or leave it. I'm not gonna go into details. Is you crazy? I don't put goin out and publishin dat sort of thing on my blog. fool. sorry it's been a long night. I worked in the dishroom tonight @ work. Such a wonderful place to be. I was kind of mean to the guy standing next to me on "the trough" thing.... he was slinging food 10 ft in every direction. I told him I'd be more helpful If i knew i wouldn't get hit in the face with food. valid statement - i think.
breaking news: i have a secret. a surprise. a spontaneous adventure. but you don't know what it is. & i'm not telling you yet. So, be on the look out for some pictures :)

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