Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manual Focus.

Why is everything becoming so automated? One trip to the bathroom and you realize what I mean. You walk in and the lights are automatic. You go to the bathroom and the toilet flushes automatically. You go to wash your hands and the water is automatic. and so is the soap. Then you want a paper towel to dry your hands... well that's automatic too. Then, if you're like me, you find yourself standing in front of the stupid sensors waving & doing gymnastics to coerce them into dispensing a towel like they should. I resist the automation of some things. Like soap dispensers and paper towels. & Christianity. Yeah, I said it. By "resist the automation of Christianity" I mean I make that apart of my daily success. To go after Jesus out of desire, necessity, desperation, joy, & just overwhelming love... rather than because on the religious views box I mark "Christian." I don't do auto-focus... when you do auto focus you so easily miss the unique perspective or details that come from a manual focus.

I've been blogging almost daily recently huh?... don't get used to it:) I'm heading up to athens at the booty crack of the day tomorrow.

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Kristin said...

NNNOOOO you aren't allowed to stop blogging DAILY!!! It's what I look for each morning! Well, each morning, once I get in the presence of internet! :)

You might be in Athens, but your "parents" still want to wake up each morning and find out what you did the following evening!

So, feel free to blog each day. You do have readers out there! Some, not so scared of the comment box.

Love you! Enjoy your day today my friend! You are home! :)