Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now if Only I could hang my hammock up.

I don't even know what to blog about first. I've been threatened to keep up this "daily" thing. YIKES. So my feet stink... but not as bad as the East Campus Stench. Not kidding it smells out here. I'm All moved in. Sorta... you know minus the boxes everywhere, overflowing trash bags, and stuff that hasn't been hung up yet. Hung up? is that right? I'm terrible at writing!

Let me just tell you... my dorm life... has gotten an UPGRADE. It's like a hotel. Compared to the brums, i'm STOKED. Hm, I can't decide if pictures will make it into this blog. I'm not sure where my camera got packed into everything. hm, how much do I love you bloggers? I think I'll save that for tomorrow. In between French Toast breakfast & going to work :) oh crap. I just realized I don't have coffee filters for my coffee maker....... PROBLEM. its okay. I live by a dining hall.

[skip here if you are bored & want a nugget-well i warn you it's a girly nugget] - Something else that is a product of this new dorm. Last year I lived in an all girls dorm. This year I live in a coed dorm... by room. So basically.... there are boys everywhere. By everywhere I mean... as ging and I got off the elevator there were these two runners drenched and shirt off. I was so surprised. I'm not really the crazy crush on the basis of looks kind of girl... so not really a problem. But so many boys around leaves so many possibilities for one of them to try and take my heart. Not that I anticipate that or anything... but I've forgotten the level of flirtation that exists all up over the place on college campus. So at the time when I most want all distractions to just be gone, i see them all over the place. I want to call this season Undistracted Devotion. That's the focus. That's it. Yep. I like the sound of that life.

oh and by the way... my sheets don't fit. Full XXL... WHO DOES THAT. uga does.. that's who.

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