Monday, August 31, 2009

We've got the Gunk.

This weekend was so good for my heart. I caught myself in a lie last week... I wrote... "WHAT DOES IT MATTER! NO ONE IS SUPPORTING ME ANYWAY!" I paused. read what I wrote. crossed it out and wrote like a voided check "LIES" .. Thank you Jesus for reminding me that You have placed significant people in my life who do support me. [i love you guys]. The above picture is me. I think it's a combo of dreams for the future, me, encouragement, memories..a collage that i made that made me cry when i finished it. I think it shows my journey so far and a little bit of where I'm going & who I am.

last night my small group from last year met @ Barberitos for some eat the word. I'm so encouraged by those ladies. I love the way we all bonded so quickly last year... and the way we are staying together. The way we all love on each other in life. So good. Stellar Swedes.

I love these ladies. Our small group didn't always read and study the word and discuss what Stephen talked about.... but we did know each other. Talk about how we can support each other. Love each other. && prayed together. Every week looked different depending on what was going on in our lives... but we always prayed for each other & with each other. we have these shirts... that are "Safety Orange" they say.. "We've Got the Gunk" on the back... gunk = good + funk.

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Kristin said...

Sounds like another small group i know....