Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Life Overwhelms me... apparently I cry.

My new favorite thing to do:
Come to Snelling Dining Commons to blog.
Here I am... relaxing with a cup of coffee while everyone else is eating. Why Yes, I do go to dining halls for the sole purpose of drinking a cup of coffee. Don't judge me. Unless your judgement of me is.... AWESOME. then I suppose that's okay.

Later tonight, after work, I will be packing my bags once again. BACK TO MARIETTA I come. I'm not sure who it is i'm riding back with... I think her name is Ashley. :) There really is a trend in my life of getting to know people on trips. i like it.

you know what baffles me? what makes me smile at life? when people surprise you... not in a physical surprise party kind of way.. but when there actions take you by surprise.. they're not what you were expecting.

Like when you run into someone you'd had maybe one convo with about what your plan were for the summer... then they remember and ask you about them. [it makes me want to be their friend more].

Or when you get a txt from someone who you'd never expect to actually talk to.

Or when your friend's roommate from last year.. that doesn't go to the same school anymore chats you, someone you thought was your friend just cause you saw them all the time, but they want to talk about life. - surprising.

Or when you are hanging out&talking about life and then realize it's 6:30 in the morning.. & you've just stayed up all night..

Or when someone asks you your opinion or advice and you realize how much influence your response to things has over some people.

The things that take you by surprise, the stuff your least expecting, is what makes my day most of the time. I wish I had more of a nugget for you. All I can write about is what's on my mind. My mind is a little scrambled right now. I most definitely am a crier now. If I had any doubts... those are gone. I saw a friend last night and cried. I'm not sure if it was cause I was so happy with the restoration in that relationship... or if it was because of the rest of the stuff in life and I just wanted to hug her and let them flood out for a little while. Let people cry on your shoulders... sometimes its what they need the most.

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