Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday will be a day of :)

Recently I've realized I don't keep friends for a long time.
All throughout my life I have a different group of close friends, it always works that way.
I don't have a best friend from Kindergarten. I haven't talked to anyone from elementary school. Middle School is a bit hazy, I can't seem to remember much about those glory days. I guess they weren't too exciting. High school I had an awesome group of friends, I love them. I miss them. Most of us all go to school together still, we just got hooked into different areas. i regret neglecting them thus far this year.
Then there's the freshmen year friends.. wonderful group. We're also all in different places now, not to mention a schedule that doesn't allow much spontaneity.
I have this tendency to wander, apparently it carries over into my friendships too. I try to stay connected to them. i think "try" is a loose term. i could try harder. I find myself wandering into a new crowd. Probably soon to wander to another one.. and then another...
Maybe now is the time to start. Hold on to what you've got!
Hold onto the high school friends - really a group of surrogate families that I rotated between.[They took care of me.]
hold onto the college friends - in my grandma days I'll be able to say- This is ___. We went to college together.
I'm looking forward to friday. A day to catch up with some people I've not given enough of my attentions to. My two friends, Tryna & Karissa, that I would call in an emergency... that I have called in an emergency. The ones that I have their phone numbers memorized. The ones that you don't have to explain things to, because they already know. The ones you can speak in the most incoherent ways- and they understand.

well... it's good to know that I can write an entire blog... but only two sentences of a religion paper. dumb. back to work..procrastination get off my back.

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