Friday, September 25, 2009


I always get very backwards compliments. I don't get those nice compliments like... you look cute or I like your shirt.

I get comments like... "you look like an oregonian" (ha ha ha, one of my favorite compliments ever)
or "Amelia, you're weird... in a good way" (this makes no sense)
or "You're so granola" (i mean... I love granola.. i eat it all the time. i don't understand how that describes me as a person... apparently it's a good thing though)

You know.... the compliments that people then have to explain how that is a good thing.
i have about 15 minutes before I gotta go... i want to sporcle. [it's true someone should be paying me to be the advertising for sporcle].

there is vanilla ice cream in our freezer that I think someone should come eat ;)

I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK. i asked the guy what was wrong... he said.... i don't know. the part just failed.

my swahili class clapped for me today. for real? ... embarrassing. i only raised my hand to read my paragraph so that we could all be done. wonderful.

i'm tired of this in between weather... i want A) a thunderstorm. or B) BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY!! c'mon saturday :)
we'll see where it goes. praise the lord for the weekend. Some relaxing is in order... the sit on a porch, whistling, barefoot, and nothing epic. yeah. goal.

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