Monday, September 21, 2009

fuzzy socks.

To blog or not to blog? that is the question.
I actually opened the "new post" tab and then stared at it and started doing homework. That's a first... I guess I don't know what to write about.
I haven't taken any pictures myself in a long time. What happened to me almost always being behind the camera?
I think my batteries are dead.
Learned one new thing in Swahili today. for real. first new thing all semester. it made me remember I really do love the language.
[i want to be fluent].
I wish I had fuzzy socks at the moment. [fuzzy socks is one of the names of my photo albums on facebook.. ha ha. only because i have a tendency to name the albums after things around me at the time. Apparently once upon a time I did in fact have some fuzzy socks.i like that album. ] It's one of those days... fuzzy socks. journal. book. music music music. no plans for hours. sunshine. and coffee. that's what i want right now. No sunshine though. It hasn't stopped raining for days [why do I feel like that is a line from a song?] If it's going to rain all day I at least would like to sit on a porch & watch it.
A walk to remember is still one of my favorite movies. I hung up my map finally yesterday... Thank you Cory Hallett for the contribution to my room decor. [yes, i just wanted to use the word Decor].

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