Sunday, September 20, 2009

i'm not yet in a mind to blog comprehensively :)

Sometimes I wish I could write a blog that went on forever.. I know that If I don't try to keep it even just a little bit short... most people will lose interest and not finish reading it. Thus I try to filter my thoughts in a priority of what I want to write about and what I don't want to write about...if you are a frequent reader.. you can probably imagine or guess that i'm sitting in front of a computer with my hood up blocking out all things, listening to music, and not saying a word. It's one form of hiding for me. i think.i like to imagine that no one can see me when i assume the blogging position ha!
oh boy. I had an epic weekend.[freshley retreat 2009]. I could talk about a lot of things from this weekend. Once again tell you about my LOVE for freshmen ministry. For getting to know the freshmen. Or I could tell you all about the incredible leaders I got to share a weekend in the land of No Cell Reception. I could tell you about my clumsiness and horrible bruise that makes sitting hurt... i think you get the gist. Or I could tell you about life.. neh. i'm not even sure about all that jazz yet. i'll keep you posted. One of my favorite things about this weekend was when I went on a walk with my lovely friend Anne. She's a good walking & talking friend. Saturday night was also good... yeah.
Sorry... i gots lots of stuff on the brain and don't want to go into much of it right now. Why can't you just read my mind? that'd be easier for the teams. and obstacle course. and most definitely easier for the announcer.

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