Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My kind of morning...

[day 4]. that's just a personal note. I'm doing something for 16 days...i will tell you after I do it... because otherwise you might try talking me out of it or something. But of those 16 days... this is day 4. yeahhhh.
I'm doing one of my favorite things ever right now: sitting in a coffee shop, by the window, cup of coffee, warm, with a book, pen, and journal. Lots of journalling these days, lots of it. Well... I have a book and journal out... turns out I actually am writing ridiculously long emails to people, blogging, reading blogs, changing my desktop background, downloading music, and doing everything but reading & journaling... i'll do it later.
Well I had a religion test today, it was way harder than I ever expected it would be. Oops. The thing is... even though I feel like I probably failed, praying for favor in my short answers, partial credit, all those positive grading things.... I'm not stressed about it. I know I'm supposed to be in Athens, GA. I have confidence that this is the place the Lord has called me to right now. for real. I know I'm not supposed to be anywhere else... despite what I might would rather be doing... I'm in school. This is where I'm called to. In Athens, GA. @ UGA. I know I'm supposed to be here. I know the Lord has positioned me here. I know that apart of staying here is my school work.. and being Faithful to the areas we're called to right now. I've been faithful in my school work thus far. I study when I know I should. I do work when I know I have to... I know the Lord will bless that. He'll bless these years of being faithful. I'm beginning to realize how pertinent Freshley leadership was last night. yikes. speaking of.... freshley was awesome last night. love that ministry.
it's been my kind of morning. hood up. blog.email. blog. journal. coffee. people watching. music. prayer. snuggly corner of the slc. looking forward to a lunch date with the splendid KVG.

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