Monday, September 28, 2009

So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades!

Do you see that blue stuff behind me? that's called.. a clear blue sunshiny sky! YES! [why yes, I am blogging when I should be studying. I have priorities.] I'm not really sure what to say after that. I enjoy the grass in between my toes. I enjoy studying (or something that resembles studying..) outside. key ingredient being outside. Rid myself of that air conditioning... YAH!
I should have filled up my waterbottle before coming out here for the long haul. BLAH.
i have 6 different internet windows open.... 3 of them I started to do something then came back to this blog. oooops.
I'm very tempted to just make friendship bracelets this afternoon. I'm not kidding :)
I encourage you to click here. scroll down to the Free Giveaway album on the right. Download it. Listen to the whole thing but right now "Where I Belong" is baller.

[Now for a nugget:] careful when praying for a thirst for the Lord that cannot be quenched. I flipped through my journal today and found where i quickly wrote that one night... since then my throat has felt so dry. I've been blaming it on the air condition! I drink water and it feels like it makes it worse. It's not red. I don't have tonsils for it to be tonsilitis. I'm not sick.... I have a thirst that literally cannot be quenched. I got what I prayed for... a thirst for the Lord that cannot be quenched. I just didn't quite realize there would also be physical side effects of it. Now when my throat feels dry I respond less with obscene amounts of water... and more with seeking the Lord. amen.

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