Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanderer (noun)

I count myself among those that wander. I'm a wanderer. I wander with purpose though... if that makes any sense. I think people who [really] know me, will understand this about me. They'll realize I float in and out of lives. I'll wander back to them eventually- they shouldn't be worried about the death of our friendship.
When there are lots of activities to do... instead of picking one... I wander around to all of them. I think I have this idea that I'll just wander around the world for a little while in life...[ps: day 5]... now that i think about it... that's basically what I did today... just wandered around campus.. somehow I eventually made it to wesley then back home. It was a good day though. Have i ever mentioned i'm a really impatient person... waiting for things is difficult. Very very difficult.. almost as hard as using a calendar... for real.. ical is hard. I'm trying :) {again}... ical has at least made it as an icon in my dock :)
progress is progress. speaking of... progress right this minute would be sleep...i've got a wake up call coming my way @ 7am... They will be mad if I ignore their call :)

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