Friday, October 2, 2009

Days Like This.

[day 7]- only 9 more days before this is explained. Look out.
There are multiple times a day, every day, that I think "oh boy! Can't wait to blog about this." Then I start to formulate words and paragraphs in my head. If you've ever watched me write, you can see the outcome of this. It makes me erase and start over, over, and over, and over again...until I've written it the way I'm thinking it. Yesterday, I just never got around to blogging. strange. I had a lot of free time. I took the day off from classes & did what I want. I recommend it.
I'm a conversation person. Quality time has me written all over it.. maybe I should read the book to verify. I'm fairly [i always almost say Fairy... and picture that fairy from Moulin Rouge.] right.. anyway.. I'm fairly certain that that's me. I've had some good chats this week. Let's go saturday to saturday as the definition of a week.... yep. good chats.
do you "uncheck" music on your itunes? I frequently get new music from friends && it takes me forever to filter through it and decide what I like and don't like... but when I do, I uncheck them so that they won't be played. Back in the day, you know.. 2 years ago, I used to be known as the source for new music. I've lost that title these days... unless by new music you mean you've never heard it before so it's new to you... But I used to be a master of Myspace Music.. for real.

I think i'm feeling a vlog in the near future. Maybe a guest star or something ;) I'm in a writing mood today. I think there could be a sequel to today's blog. Besides the one that I'm about to post. :) (i mean not this one... the one after this one.... so i guess it would be a trilogy today if I decide to write again )

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