Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mismatching Socks.

oops! I wrote this last night & forgot to click "Publish Post"
yes, I know. It has been 4ish days (or in the words of avid readers.... A LONG TIME!!) since I last blogged. ;) Sorry Sorry... It's been quite a busy week. I had a headache for 2 days & then typical life & now a midterm Swahili project due tomorrow & @ 10:10 am a little math test. No big deal.
(can you say YIKES!!) ... so i have this little procrastination problem. Oh well. I'm okay with it.

Back to the facts: It has been concluded by poll results that-
A) Jesus did in fact pick his nose.
B) Jesus farted.
Can I just say to those of you feeling offended right now.... you know you've thought about it. Who hasn't? Alright... I'll let it rest.
I think i'm slowly rediscovering my love for photography.

Did I tell you guys about the folk festival I went to last saturday? There was this cute little kid named Trey. He said, "No one EVER knows my name!" So we asked him his name and he asked ours. Then, very politely, Trey invited us to his birthday party in January... did I mention he is three?
I've had so many nuggets recently and so little time... Now that I (still don't have time) have decided I'm blogging... I can't remember a single one of them.

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Kristin said...

Not gonna lie-I had very little time to read anything in my google reader this week, yet, I still would click the icon, scroll down and see if "Freedom for the thought" was highlighted. When it was not, I would exit out of my google reader. Yeah, that was my week. I haven't blogged either-in over a week. Sad. I should get on that. Love you! And I think this picture is for me. Kinda. ;)