Sunday, October 18, 2009

sty in my eye.

Walking around campus there is one thing I see nearly everyday... sure a bus, common pedestrians, people with funny hats, cool jewelry, newspapers, grass, a cross, food, street signs, ... the usual. One thing you wouldn't expect to be included in that list: Blood Drive Signs.
There is always a blood drive going on somewhere on campus. Walk around long enough and you will see a sign for it. Not kidding. the thought of giving blood makes me queasy. new subject.

I have a sty on my eye. yeah. it hurts. I also had to borrow a wash cloth from my roommate for a warm compress!

I kind of want my nose pierced. I think I should wait till the news of my cartilage is old. yep.
I baked some INCREDIBLE Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies! :) Thanks kristin! They're delicious.

Maggie Grimm is here. Go ahead make a grimm brothers joke. or a grim personality joke. Do it. I dare you. I think we just did it for you... but.. i dare you.


Kristin said...

I want my nose pierced--but can't convince myself that it's cool to have your nose pierced and be 30. :(

Kurt Miller said...

Haha. Yall are just heeeeee-larious. I bet that sty is from lack of sleep. Yep. Sure is. Probably because you keep your eyes open to long. haha. just messin.