Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pick My Nose

I haven't thought about blogging today until now.. strange day.
At what moment in my day did I realize I hadn't thought about blogging at all you might ask?
I will tell you. It was just a few minutes ago.. I was in the elevator. Beboppin around doin what I do... Then I realized my nose was a little on the stuffy side... remember that day in the internship we pondered what boogers were... then asked Matt Austin & we were all enlightened.... anyway... my nose was stuffy so I rubbed it & sniffled... you know the alternative to picking but still clears up the passages a little bit... I did that. Deciding I would blow it when I got home, with a kleenex. WELL my brain just kept that thought going...
& It concluded cavemen picked their noses. Or like in Jesus' day... they probably picked their noses. Maybe by then with a cloth or something or their clothes. So did Jesus pick his nose? or did he have boogers just chillin on his robe? I'll censor where that bunny trail ended up... I think you'd get lost if I tried to explain.
That's when I remembered. I haven't blogged today. Not only did I not blog, there was not a single moment throughout my day until then, that I even thought about blogging. WEIRD.
day 15 began 3 hours ago... tomorrow night it ends. maybe. i mean the official counting will be over.. the actually end could be a few days away ;)
I'm a fan of leaving my window open. I want to go hot air ballooning. Anyone want to go with me? --- so sometimes I ask questions.. they aren't rhetorical i know lots of you read my blog! You just don't ever comment. It's okay. You probably won't now either! I was going to give my blog a face lift... turns out after nearly an hour of trying to find a new layout i like... i just like the one I have... and I'm not changing it right now.


Kurt Miller said...

Buen punta. Pienso que es un buen verdad porque Jesus eras un hombre también. Me gusta tus ideas.

También, quiero tratar de escrbir un articulo en mí blod en español. Sonidos como un buen idea. Adios!

Ashton said...

I would love to go hot air ballooning! That sounds like so much fun!!!

~Ashton :)