Thursday, December 3, 2009

101 in 1001 UPDATES :)

101 in 1001 UPDATES. These are the stories and such... I will update the list with marked off things too. if you want the cliff notes :)

#3 Read a minimum of a book a month: November - The Shack by William P. Young. yep I read it. Opinions... I know you're dying to know... I really think the murder mystery was interesting. I wish the whole book had been about that. Morbid i know- but i took a forensics class in high school. I can see how the book is eye-opening and life-changing but i'm really indifferent. I won't say it was bad... i was just a little bored i guess.

#13 Watch all the movies from the AFI 100 Movie Quotes: has been change to the top 100 list. I started backwards with Ben-Hur and Toy Story. Up next is Yankee Doodle Dandy... I also watched a street car named desire which is higher up on the list. Ben Hur was long as booty. But really good.

#40 Draw a tree that i'm satisfied with: You may not understand why this is on my list... but I like to draw and sketch and I love trees. I don't know ifyou know. I hug them. Climb them. Admire them from afar. Take pictures of them. I love trees. I really really really want to draw one. But if i try to imagine the roots... it looks all funny... and Ialways get torn about which season to draw the tree in... and if it's summer i don't know how to make it luscious. and Winter I gotta be puttin all them crazy little branches all up in it...
i'm working on it. Not yet completed.

#50. Learn to play a New card game (maybe poker): well it was not poker added to my repetoir of games... but SPADES. DUDE. have you played this game. I was shady. but it was lots of fun. I owe some shout outs on this one for real.... BEN is a very patient teacher. He had 4 girls all yelling different questions at him and he filtered through to teach everyone. Way to go ben. Maggie & Ben were teammates. huzzah! My teammate was Carley! YEAH. we had a connection... it all began when Ben told us the tale of going "nil" or "blind nil" ... Carley is very competitive... & i'm like .. not.ha ha. So on the last round or whatever... Carley decided to go for blind nil and I said i'd get i don't remember. all 7 of my tricks? yeahh i know. GUTSY. but we went for it... and YEAHHHH WE SMOKED EM. carley didn't get any tricks... and I got more than 7... which is kinda bad...except it kept the other team sorry ben and maggie from getting all their tricks. mhmmmmmm. it was a fun night of cards.

# 56. Wash my hair everyday for 10 days. ha ha. if you are unfamiliar with my hygiene habits... i wash my hair minimum every other day. it works.we're doing fine. We don't look horrible. so the Burruss family added this to my list of things to do... they are just appalled at my hair habits. BUT I DID IT. ugh what! take that. I mean.... I was sick.... but it still counts. I'm a stubborn sick person so i still went places and did things and people saw my hairs. it was great and all.... but i like my way better :) on that note... I need a haircut :)

#81. Steal an entire set of snelling dishware. so far... 1 glass. 1 coffee mug. tomorrow.... 1 set of silverware. here we go.

#89. Make or Finish Moccasins: oh boy. I still get choked up with this one.... so i've had this kit to make your own and just never finished it... over thanksgiving when i was hyped up on steroids from sickness and just had this need to get stuff accomplished mindset. I got it out. Through the years i'd lost a few strings... but improvised with pink ribbon. cute i know. . finally... finally finish them... stand up to put them on. They are like boats on my feet. I look at the box... 8/9... my little tiny feet are 7/8. oops. my mom comes in a minute later and they fit perfectly.... Happy Christmas Mommy :)

#90. Thanks to the influence of the lovely KATIE VAN GORP! I did 1 crossword puzzle a week for a month. I actually did way more than that. But mhm. I like to do crossword puzzles now. Thank You very much to all of those I texted random questions to for the month of november. You were quite instrumental in my list :)

Last ... but not least # 97: Don't skip math class anymore. fail. fail. when i was making this list... and put that on there... a wise guy Nick Sopchak said "Amelia! I think you should put skip a whole week of classes. ha ha ha haha! " little did he know.... I actually did that. Thank you. Thank you very much... to the illness that my doctor finally termed: Tenacious Virus.- they get adjectives now.
So that's the update. For the month of November... It's only the 3rd of November.... I got this. Monthly update thing. Doing it.
Right.... okay. We'll see what December has in store :)

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