Sunday, December 6, 2009


ERGH. My internet came unplugged & I just lost my whole post that I wrote. annnnnnoying!
take 2:
These are my friends. Let me introduce the characters of this Adventure... There's me... in the Red pants. Standing up loud and proud next to me is Jordan. Next to her sitting like yeahhhh... is I don't know him. Some boy. Next to him is Maggie Grimm. Climbing the booty is Chelsea Fenn. The tall bro with his eyes closed is Taylor Martin. Girl in the white coat and lovely scarf .. is Stephanie Minton. above her lookin a fool is Ginger Hightower (i can say that... she's my roommate. She knows my true affections)... we're missing Stephanie Grayson who is taking the picture i believe.
We are climbing a sculpture known as the Iron Horse... It used to be on campus back in the 50s... but students vandalized it and complained about how ugly and stupid it was.... So they moved it to this person's corn field. Ever since it's just been one of those things that UGA students do.... like not walk under the arch, ring the bell, go to football games, tailgate, go to the grill & get fries & feta, hide out in Jittery Joes, Go to the staircase that leads to nowhere. See the book made of human skin. get your picture taken with Uga... you know... those things.
It was 29 degrees.. and we couldn't find it... we just wondered around this corn field smellin all the cow poo... for a couple hours till we finally found the horse.
It was a lovely adventure. :)

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