Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodnight to you & you.

Let me tell you a quick story.
Last night I decided I was going to try to go to bed around midnight... not bad considering that I have an 8am.... and i'm recovering from sickyness. So I say goodnight. Get up and brush my teeth. Take off my glasses. plug in my phone. snuggle in my billions of blankets. DONE. There is one key element missing from this story - I didn't set an alarm. If only going to sleep were quite that sweet. I wish. so about 15 minutes later I realized my mistake. ha.
okay okay. Once again. I get busy and blog less. Yet finally decide I have time when I have a paper due tomorrow...
That I haven't started. Yeah. Thanks swahili teacher who emails me to tell me class no longer meets... but we do have a paper due ... LOOK OUT. totally forgot about that. I guess people would have written this in their planners/calendars.. icals.
8am kicks me in the face. I'm sleepy. Nap or not to nap... dunno. Back to work today... no more abundant free time.

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