Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I have Zero Blog Layout Creating Skills. I'm not even entirely sure how I do what I do now...
Someone (thanks Ashton!) pointed out my pictures were making it hard to read my blog.... So I went on the hunt for a new background. This is the product ... mainly cause I got tired of looking.
But What I don't understand is.... the "Undefined" from the old layout... is just stuck there. I have no clue why. But it's decided to permanately affix itself to my blog.
I got a new hat.
Paula Deen got hit in the face with a ham.

I've drank a whole pitcher of sweet tea.
I've not had coffee since saturday.
We're out of tea bags.
I've watched a lot of movies.
I've lost my temper a lot.
I've apologized a lot.
Michael Jackson apparently still releases songs... even though.. well you know...
I'm not sure how to rearrange my walls to fit my giant map.
I guess a few van gogh's will have to go.

After all these years of rebelling against the "purple/yellow" color combination. you know complimentary colors and such.... I've decided I really do enjoy my yellow bathroom walls and purple towels. booger.

Can you tell I'm bored... I wish I had more to say. Something.... with weight. Something... that inspires.
But really... i'm just sitting here in a hat making funny faces at myself on photobooth.


Kristin said...

your beautiful my friend. i love you. i love your new hat. i love your new layout. i love you. enjoy your time at home. try to. no matter how hard it is. enjoy it. enjoy familiar faces. enjoy shintos. enjoy your family. enjoy your room--the place you first fell in love with Jesus. enjoy this time. i love you my friend.

Kurt Miller said...

agreed. the layout is sweet.