Sunday, February 7, 2010

#21 . The city that never sleeps? No problamo.

This is a story all about how... within 24 hours I had decided I was going to New York City, went to New York City, and then came home and was laying down in my bed. Simple right?

meet Kacie & Elle,ohyeah. And I'm in the Middle.
around dinner time on Friday we decided we were going to go on a trip somewhere using Airtran's Student program i highly recommend it. . So 2.5 hours later we were at the ticket counter in the Atlanta airport.. trying to decide where to go. We saw the news about the supposed big snow storm hitting everywhere. She then told us the DC airport was closed and others were sure to be closing soon too. But for some reason LaGuardia airport in NY was still open. Yep! So we hopped a plane leaving in 30 minutes to NYC. We had no place to stay and no clue how long we were going to stay or anything. We arrived in NY at around 12:30. We attempted to sleep in the airport. Around 5 we started our journey to Times Square.
When we arrived it was snowing:)
How wonderful it was... till we realized we could get snowed in. So we prayed it would stop... and it did :)
I beg to differ. This city sleeps. 100%. Times Square had few people in it when we arrived. Our grand entrance was approximately 5:30am. :)

We were STARVING. After all... we had PBJ for dinner on friday and that was it. You can always rely on mcdonald's to A) be open in the WEE hours of the morning. and B) to have cheap food.

Rise and Shine big apple. It's time to keep up with Yours Truly :)
Feeling safer in the daylight... we journeyed to ? -- Consulting the map I've decided it's an area called Washington Heights. We had the help of a nice police officer to get us on the right subway there. My first subway ride consisted of this :
& this:
Our Stop:
"Home of the Ninja Turtles" - is what I like to refer to it as :)

I'd love to tell you every detail of everything. Ask me about my weekend in New York someday.
For now I'll leave you some more pictures.

My favorite moment. All the flags in Rockefeller Center.

I found TANZANIA! =P

for lunch we had hotdogs in Central Park :) Bert... I'll have you know I ate a hotdog. Not just 1. but 2. there were 2 dogs on 1 bun. i don't even think I tasted it... Hunger allowed me to eat it.
I know half my face is not in this... but I'm obsessed with this picture. Meet Kacie. aka Manny. AKA NEW BFF. if you've not heard my shpeel about you meet great people when you travel together. this is proof.
an Ad for Converses. You know. Hanging out on the floor of LaGuardia airport. ha ha ... oh what a night. . I can't even tell you.

Nyc buddies. I believe this was the most freezing time of the day in Central Park.

We found this neato mirror/door thing. In the Plaza hotel.

Now before you scroll down. Let me tell you... As we were on a bus going through Harlem.. on our way to the airport... I mentioned that I was sad we didn't get to see the for real skyline. Thank you Jesus for giving even the silliest desires.... My view on the way out of New York:

Where this grand adventure fits on my list?
I'm gonna say # 21 go on an Adventure.
and #19 Go to a state I've not gone to before.


Ashton said...

I can't believe you decided to go to NY City, went, and came back all in 24 hours! That is awesome. I wish I could do that. It looks like ya'll had a ton of fun! Is Kacie's last name Darby???? She looks familiar.....

Love you!

Ps. Check out my has caused a slight upheaval... =)

Robert said...

Glad the Hotdog didn't hurt you. Proud of you kiddo. Stay Crazy!

Scott Gladin said...

Okay. I am definitely impressed.
As I've always wanted to take a spontaneous trip like that, I'm going to have to use Airtran U sometime.

Kristin said...

As I said on Saturday, I'll say again, I'm proud of you. :)