Friday, February 5, 2010

Maama Jamma.

I wish I used the word Maama Jamma.
Used in a sentence:
That's one good lookin Maama Jamma.
That maama jamma's got it goin on.
What's all this maama Jamma up here, I said SILENCE!
I think it could be a good one.
I've had a tradition since I started working at Bolton. Maggie Grimm will know... It's called. PayDay cup of coffee. I know what you're thinking... AMELIA. that's no way to do things. It's tradition though. Payday cup of coffee. It's always been. And always will be. I'll have you know our local starbucks in Downtown Athens across from the arch (for those of you familiar with Athens, GA).... has REMODELED. for real. there's just a bar downstairs and upstairs is where the Magic happens. There's comfy chairs and lamps. and a fireplace... it might be just for looks. and then a plethera of 2 person tables.
Sounds good eh?
I started out with no plans for the weekend... now I think i'm overbooked. Ooopsies.
maybe 6 birds, one stone?
This weekend I'm playing a good game of pin the tail on the major. I know. enthralling. You could play too.
Don't worry about it though, supposedly the career center will solve all of your major/career dilemmas. So we'll get a bingo on February 19th for that one.
Still can't remember the Vlog idea that I had. whoooooops.

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