Monday, March 15, 2010

All the way to Timbuktu

My international affairs teacher is not good at drawing arrows. That's all i've got to say... they are all wavy and oh i just wish you could see these arrows. when did i become such a critic of arrow drawing?
I woke up this morning missing the beach. I don't miss the loads of people there. I do miss that feeling of standing on the coast... and knowing ... the next piece of land from here to there is Morocco. I was such a silly little kid. Beach kids have almost all tried out the message in a bottle thing. I remember when i was little and at the beach with my friend she threw a bottle and said that'll go ALL THE WAY TO TIMBUKTU... i said no it'll probably just go to the other side of the beach. we had such an argument about where the bottle was going. it's been quite a while since I've been able to spend the day at the beach. Coming soon, I hope.
M, so last night I had dinner with some friends that i've not spent time with in a while. We had Curry Chicken. yum yum yum!
I want to do something fun today... i'm not sure what. But something fun.
we'll see!

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Kristin said...

So I've been missing the beach lately too. It's hard to take these water girls off the coast...but last week the Lord gently reminded me that it was in north georgia, in the midst of the woods and hiking that I fell in love with Him. Yes, there's a blog coming soon about that, but it's in the town you're in my friend that I fell in love with enjoy it...go find those hiking trails and enjoy Him! Love you!!! Miss you!