Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogs to Date.

PS: # of blogs to date (including this one)
No way.
that seems too large.
this is starting to look like a commitment.
i'm not going away?
Did I ever tell you the story of this blog? not the title source or anything. Last summer when I was beginning my internship I started it as a way to communicate with lots of people all at once. To tell them what's goign on. As the summer was coming to a close... I thought... Yes then I can finally quit writing. Because... this is just for summer and i don't like the feeling that someone is reading what I write.
Then I had multiple words all within a week ish encouraging me to write. To be a writer. and to continue writing in the ways that I do now...
Alright fine... I'll keep it going for another year. When I said that I meant through the summer. and at the end of that... there might be an end. We'll see where God takes it this year.
I hope there's gold for you between my daily ramblings.

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Kristin said...

which reminds me i have a bio i gotta write. just wanted you to know i haven't forgotten, i promise :)