Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Celien enters my cave? i'm not alone.

wow. Two down. Two to go. Papers that is. My head hurts again. Sleepless night would be what last night was... Somewhere around 9ish i started to get a headache and by sleepy time... I was miserable. Dr. Grimm was on the job with some tylenol. I've not had a headache like that in a few years... I used to get them every 4ish months. I don't know where this one came from. I assure you it is not lack of water. I have had so much water today. NADA.
Anyway. I have two more papers to write... I'm debating how much i'll dislike myself tomorrow if I wait to do them after class tomorrow... probably quite a bit. Yet I feel like I might be doing that. I want to hide under my blanket. Get in my cave. No one is allowed in. I'll try to push the thoughts out. and just be. be me. be a kid. be content. be protected and hidden. be warm. be loved. be free free free. why is celien dion in my cave? ahh, thank you diva. for the karaoke. the world is rarely silent.
Quick story. People who read my blog remember it better than I do. In agora yesterday a friend said, hey this is an orange coffee mug like you want! i say... say huh? she said... you wrote a blog about wanting an orange coffee mug.
I also decided i should watch a little bit of tv because i'm starting to really not understand some things in society. Do i live under a rock? nope. just a blanket.

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Kristin said... you know last week we got away to a cabin. it was magnificent...except for one thing...there were absolutely no blankets to curl up in. yes, there was the comforter on the bed, but not what i needed. needless to say the very next day we traveled into town and we spent more than we should of on a quilt...but it's now my prayer cave quilt...and i think you might be the only other person on this earth that understands why it was so important to invest in this quilt :) that quilt will now be traveling with me wherever i go.... :)