Monday, April 12, 2010

65. do a city wide scavenger hunt

65. do a city wide scavenger hunt
My friend who is also doing the 101 in 1001 list knew I had do a city wide scavenger hunt on my list... so she asked me if I wanted to join her on saturday. SO I DID. duh.
We did a city wide scavenger hunt .. it started at 12pm & ended at 5pm.
WE had SO much fun! :) Here are a few of the pictures of everything... just a few... There were over 500 things on the list... I think our point total was 315... we didn't win. :(
BUT.... it was a blast.
Teammate with a french fry in each nostril.
I think teammate holding 3 other teammates... ?
Entire Team riding elevator Elf Style.

Entire team walking a stranger across the street. (this boy was all too willing to help).
I'm sorry let me introduce the team to you: from left to right...
Kole - male representation on team. I met him that day... and I've not seen him since that day.
Mary - I also met her this day. & have not seen her again. Oddly enough.
Me - hi, i'm amelia.
Stranger danger
Allison- THIS IS ALLISON! she's doing a list too! We shall have MANY adventures soon to come.
Chelsea - She's cool.

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