Saturday, April 10, 2010

#20 & HERE I COME!

# 20. Go on a walk everyday for a week.
This one was so simple for me. Something I do, even if not on my list. Without realizing it. Not just because I walk everywhere...truth. It's because I wander.
I enjoy wandering around by myself. I enjoy walking to absolutely no certain destination, or even in a circle. It wouldn't have nearly the same pleasure as me driving. I think if it were me driving I would have a need to go further before I felt like I was wandering. Maybe not? I was going to say I need unfamiliarity... but I wander the same places frequently... I generally get there by different ways.
Anyway... This was such a good week. I was becoming apathetic for being here. Really wanting to just bounce, but then I went on a walk with the Lord around campus and He began reminding me why I was there. We had a Free Cone Day (Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz) and He showed me new reasons for being here. Ones that I had never anticipated. He's giving me an understanding of myself here...
This was good.
PS: I like to skateboard. I've not tried any tricks yet. But the just standing and going and pushing and going is quite enjoyable. thought you should know..

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